LivingSocial / Groupon Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering or have already purchased the most awesome summer camp deal, please click here. Please note purchasing the week camp on Living Social/Certifikid is not confirmation. You MUST send in all the paperwork to reserve the spot (We were sold out last time with a waiting list, so the sooner you book the better).

If you just purchased the Urban Evo “Ninja Experience” package from Groupon, there’s not too much you need to do. Just click this link to create your profile in Mindbody using the “Sign Up Now” link in the upper right corner (but don’t pay for anything!), and come on the day you’re registered for. Download and fill out the waiver to save some time, too, and please bring that with you, as well! If you’re a vegetarian, please email us and let us know. We’ll try to accommodate reasonable meal requests, but we’re not a catering company, we’re a gym, and if you have severe food allergies, this may not be the right event for you. Please don’t train to be a ninja and then die because you’re allergic to gluten and we served sandwiches. Wear workout clothes and closed-toed shoes (tennis shoes or running shoes are fine, tabi or Vibram Five Fingers are great). No sandals, Tevas, Crocs (seriously? why?), flip-flops, or bunny slippers. If you have kids younger than 9…sorry. We have kids’ classes that would be a better fit; this event is geared towards a slightly older crowd.

Now. Welcome to the Urban Evolution community! Take your time and browse around. A little note about us:  we’re the only gym in the DC metro area to offer Parkour, Freerunning, UrbanFit,  Adults Gymnastics, Aerial Acrobatics, Kids’ Classes…and a fresh perspective that will change forever how you look at fitness.

Your voucher (whether a monthly membership or a punch-card) gives you unlimited access to the gym. That’s correct: you have access to any and all classes at the gym.

If you’d like to see what we’re about, here’s a video that’ll help explain the feel of the place a bit:

You can also check out our Facebook page for up to date pictures and events.

Ready to start your Ninja Training? Well, it’s pretty simple. You’ll need to come in person to the gym to redeem your voucher and activate your membership. After that, you’ll have access to schedule classes online and make reservations.

For Parkour, you’ll start by taking the weekend 2-hour Intro class on Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. It’ s free for Living Social deals. After that you’ll join our regular Parkour Basics classes at 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm on Mon-Fri, and Sat & Sun at 1pm.

For UrbanFit, we require an Intro class as well, on Saturdays at 10am. Again, this is included in your LivingSocial deal, and after that you’ll join our regular UrbanFit classes on Mon, Wed, and Fri at 7pm! To sign up intros email or call 855-646-5271.

For all other classes…just walk in and try it out! Some classes have limited availability, so come redeem your coupon and we’ll show you how to reserve spots and make the most out of your free month.

Open gym – Open gym times are available for you to train using the gym equipment with minimal supervision, outside the class structure for UE community members once you’ve gone through some training. But first, you need to go through the training!

For a complete schedule of classes, click the “locations” link on the menu bar to see the schedule of classes at each location.

We’ve also compiled a frequently-asked list of questions in the hopes that you can learn as much as you need to feel comfortable coming in and enjoying your first (of many!) visits to the gym.

Fridays at UE


Feel free to email or call 855-646-5271 with any other questions!









If you’ve purchased a Kid Parkour and Freerunning daycamp through the daily deal site – please read below

 I purchased a Summer camp Daily Deal (e.g. Living Social, Groupon, Certifikid)for my child – what do I do next?

First of all, welcome to the Urban Evolution community! Take your time and browse around. A little note about us:  we’re the only gym in the DC metro area to offer Kids and Adults Parkour, Freerunning, UrbanFit, Adults Beginners Gymnastics, Aerial Acrobatics,and a fresh perspective that will change forever how you look at fitness.

We are the only gym in the entire universe (the last we checked) to offer parkour and Freerunning summercamps for kids age 6-14. Living social voucher allows you to book a summer camp at any of our two locations (Alexandria-5402 Eisenhowe Ave,AlexandriaVAorManassas8442Kao Circle,Manassas,VA20110).

To get you started we have the registration process in 3 simple steps for you.

 1. Once you have the deal voucher:

Kids Age 6-8 can join our Nano PK Kids Class and/or Nano-PK Summer camp

Kids Age 9-11 can join our Regular Kids Class and/or Kids Summercamp

Kids Age 12-14 can join our Youth Parkour Class and/or Summercamp

Kids Age 15 and over can join our Adults parkour classes.

 2. Please register your child by  following this link

 3. Read the FAQ’s that we have prepared especially to make sure you have all the info you need.

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