UrbanFit Classes

UrbanFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for Urban Evolution. It’s based on the training methodologies used by gymnasts, Parkour practitioners, ninjas, and power-lifters, with a deep emphasis on functional fitness: if it doesn’t help you in the real world, what’s the point?

We started this program to help us get better at Parkour. But then a strange thing happened: people came just to do UrbanFit! And now it’s one of our most popular programs!

We believe that focusing on particular physiological areas in isolation works against the way people are designed to move. We train people to use their bodies in their entirety.

The UrbanFit program is designed to be approachable by individuals of any level of experience and fitness level, including people who haven’t worked out in years! We scale our workouts to fit the individual and help you increase your abilities over time. It’s not about what you can do; it’s about what you can do now, tomorrow, the day after that, a year from now, and a decade from now.


UrbanFit Bootstraps Classes

Weightlifting isn’t really your thing? Lift yourself instead! In UrbanFit Bootstraps, we start every class with strength exercises designed to increase your pull-up strength and climbing ability, and finish with cardiovascular workouts that are designed to have you losing weight and feeling great! It’s lower intensity than our regular UrbanFit classes, and it’s offered alongside our kids’ classes, so you no longer have to let your kids have all the fun!

If you’d like to get started with UrbanFit, sign up for our Intro to UrbanFit class. After that, you can join our regularly occurring weekday UrbanFit classes or our UrbanFit Bootstraps classes !

Change the way you train! Sign up for UrbanFit today!